her gün sanat ayı 12/ art everyday month 12

Eski bir kitap üzerine ıstampa mürekkebi+ ticari etiketler + ev yapımı kumaş bantlar + ev yapımı şablon
on an altered book with endorsing ink+ commercial stickers+ home made fabric tapes+ home made stencil

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  1. Thank you Vicki. Collage always makes surprises for me :)

  2. Hello Ozage, I enjoyed your charming creation....collage? Delightful
    Irene #63

  3. Thank you Irene. I was playing with ink on paper, it all started with inktober challenge, then i loved it so much that i kept on experimenting. Here i applied ink through a home made stencil. (cobalt blue parts are these on an altered book page) It kind of created a wide strip on the page. I wanted to keep it. I have added fabric tapes i have made at home, regarding the same orientation. Finally i saw the stickers lying around, so i have added the fishes. So it is a collage with a bit of coincidence:) Though i love layers on other people's work for me it is "less is more". Most of the time it is easy to detect the separate layers on my work :)

  4. Wow this is very nice.


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