her gün sanat ayı 11/ art everyday month 11

eski bir kitap üzerine ıstampa mürekkebi+ ince fırça
on an altered book with endorsing ink+ fine brush

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  1. What fun and what patience you must have ...thank you for translating. It helps to know what the artist is thinking.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Thank you. I did this right before sleeping. It helped me to clear off my mind. Sometimes i just need to work with my hands without thinking too much.

  3. Beautiful flowing pattern and yet precise brush work. A great idea to use old books.. one day I must try it! Thanks for sharing on Geometric Friday:)

  4. Hi Lorik. Geometric Friday enabled me to think about more geometry in art. I guess i was already inclined to work in geometric patterns :) Old books present nice opportunities to recycle, give it a try. They make great sketch books and you feel more free to make experiments in them :)

  5. looks nice. Reminding me a little about Skandinavian runestones.

    NF DAM at:

  6. I did not know about runestones. But i have checked them. They look beautiful and mysterious. Thank you for the remark.


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