yeter/ enough

Yeter: Bütün bir yaz boyunca yüzleştiğimiz şiddete, savaşa artık yeter. Hepimiz insanca, kardeşçe, barış içinde yaşamayı hakediyoruz.
Enough: Enough with the violence and war we have faced all summer long. We all deserve to live humanely, brotherly, in peace.

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  1. Lovely art, Libby and I couldn't agree more ... Peace is the goal for most of us. Sadly the war mongers are in charge of our congress ... but we still got the Iran Agreement passed, so there is hope :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Such beautiful art Libby...reminds me of a honeycomb
    I hope there will be peace soon after such a turbulent summer

  3. So true! War never settles anything...it just breeds more violence.

  4. Yes-enough! great choice of colors for this piece.

  5. I so totally agree. - Bold art piece, the colors really "pop."

  6. Perfect word! The color, texture, and pattern work well together. I notice the blue outlining in some of the honeycombs, really like how you did that. Pease be with you.

  7. Agree. Beautiful art.

  8. I so agree! Violence is never the answer. Your art piece is really interesting! The hexagons are like little countries with their own boundaries living in peace with each other as we hope the rest of the world will get to at some point.


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