altıgen/ hexagon

eski kitap sayfası üzerine akrilik, markörler
on an altered book page with acrylic, markers 

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  1. Nice background. Are you going to add anything to it o leave it as a finished piece.

  2. Hello Giggles. Hi Erika. For the moment i decided not to add anything to the page. I was trying stacked journaling in the background and testing a home made stencil on top. But maybe a big word above all of these layers will bring the page together.

  3. Wow, cool! Great shapes!!!

  4. This is lovely! I think I'd leave it just as it is. Happy PPF!

  5. Eye catching...would think this would do well in an exhibit♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/focus-pocus/

  6. Bu yorum yazar tarafından silindi.


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