kıvrım/ curve

artık kullanılmayan lastik bir panodan kestiğim ıstampa
a stamp i have carved from an unused rubber panel

ve ilk deneme. eski kitap sayfası+ ıstampa mürekkebi+ ev yapımı ıstampa+ akrilik+ kumaş/karton/ kağıt kolaj+ markör+ eski zarf
and the first trial. altered book page+ endorsing ink+ home made stamp+ acrylic+ fabric/ cardboard/ paper collage+ marker+ old envelope

12 yorum:

  1. Love what you have done here..exspecially the cool selfmade stamp is fantastic!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Art Journal Journey!

  2. Super collage and your hand carved stamp makes it extra special!!!

  3. Thank you Patty. I want to experiment more in collage, combining fabric and paper. Will see how it goes...

  4. Unique stamps very nice!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Love how you combine all the various media....always interesting results♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/never-gets-old/

  6. Thank you all. See you after the holidays.

  7. Fun and creative! The looped shape gives it some motion! I have also worked with some carved stamps lately- post to come soon!

  8. Julie Fei Fan Balzer inspired me with her carvedecember challenge. Though i could only carve two stamps i hope to continue.


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